So Begins Our Journey…

April 20, 2008 at 3:50 pm Leave a comment

With the recent happenings in the world: climate changes, fuel costs rising, food prices soaring, and concerns over the safety with the products that we use and eat, it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed with all that’s going on.   You can’t help but feel the doom of gloom of what this world is turning into and perhaps what the future holds for our children and the generations to come. 

Our journey simply started with the birth of our newest babies and the announcement of the potential ill effects of BPA that’s found in baby bottles and other plastics.  One search on the Internet lead to another and before we knew it, we were swimming in information about the chemicals and toxins found in food, toys, clothes and other household products that we devotedly used every single day.   

We started reading the labels on boxes and bottles in our cupboards and realized that we couldn’t pronounce most of the ingredients in them, let alone know what effects they had on our health.   Needless to say, although we would have loved to toss every chemical ridden product in our homes, our common sense told us that it’s too much to change everything all at once.  Besides, our husbands would have called us crazy for believing every single scary thing we read; saying we were simply turning into “treehuggers” and jumping onto the “green” bandwagon.

Out of this was born the itch to research and find more information out there on what we could do.   In doing so, we hope to make choices that are greener, more eco-friendly, and more sustainable, one step at a time.   

This is our journey………we hope it sparks an interest in you as we discover ways to sprout happier, healthier and safer families. 




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