Mommy, What’s that Smell?

May 11, 2008 at 4:41 pm Leave a comment

SmellThis! Re-Scentables SachetMy two and a half year old’s sense of smell is amazingly keen. In her young age, she has grouped scents into two categories: “yucky” and “yummy” smells. Those “yucky” smells (garbage, burnt toast, fish sauce, manure) cause her to scrunch up her face and pinch her nose; and those “yummy” smells entice her to take several deep breathes of whatever it is (chocolate, mangoes, cinnamon, lavender shampoo).

Since her nose is so savvy I want to treat it to more natural fragrances…

When we attended EPIC Vancouver back in April we met a wonderful company, headed by a mom & daughter team, called Smell This! Aromatherapy. They gave us samples of eco-friendly air fresheners, called Re-scentables. It’s sachets of Kosher rock salts that are scented with drops of essential oils. What a great idea! The wonderful thing about it is that they are reusable (adding whatever essential oil your nose desires when the scent diminishes) and it is a simple MIY project even for those who aren’t crafty.

  • buy, sew or find a small fabric sachet (I had some lying around that held some soap)
  • fill it up with about 2-3 tablespoons of rock salts (Kosher is apparently best because it doesn’t contain iodine)
  • add about 20 drops of essential oil (but you can experiment with how strong of a scent you want by adding less or more)
  • close up your little sachet tightly (with a string/elastic/clip so none of the salt spills out) and it’s ready to go
  • Just remember to keep it out of reach of curious little fingers

I’ve already placed a few around the house; even at the bottom of the diaper pail. Hopefully, it’ll help lessen that “yucky” smell.



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