Going Ga-Ga Over Bottles

June 4, 2008 at 9:36 am Leave a comment

Evenflo and BornFree Glass BottlesWhat bottles are you using?

We started looking into this several months ago when our youngest were starting the bottle. At that time, the big manufacturers (Avent, Gerber, Playtex, etc) were still commenting on the fact that #7 plastics, which most likely contained bisphenol-A (BPA), did not pose any ill-effects to babies. However, after doing much searching online, there were a handful of other experts that said otherwise. Wanting to eliminate the possibility of BPA leaching from plastic baby bottles and being ingested by our little ones, we found other alternatives.

There are a number of BPA-free plastic bottles around (BornFree, Thinkbaby, Green To Grow, to name a few), but we decided to avoid plastic bottles in general when we discovered some glass options. The most economical ones are Evenflo classic glass bottles, about $2-$4 for one depending where you get them — the States vs. Canada. Those were the ones we started off with until we discovered that our babies did not like the small-necked bottles which required a “smaller” nipple.

We settled with BornFree’s glass bottles which were wide-necked and used a similar nipple shape as Avent’s. Of course, there was a wait list for them and plus they cost about $15 each. However, deciding to use glass dispelled any doubts about the safety of plastic bottles. And I think our hubbies were elated when we finally decided on which one to use and stopped all this talk about what bottles to buy, and what bottles to try.

You can find Evenflo glass bottles in the Lower Mainland at places like TJ’s Kids and Babies-R-Us or for those who venture south of the border to shop, at Along Comes A Baby in Bellingham.

As for the BornFree glass bottles, we’ve seen them locally at Pinky Blue, Baby On Board, and Capers/Whole Foods Market.



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