Passing On Gas

July 30, 2008 at 8:54 pm Leave a comment

I take a deep breath every time I pull up to the gas pump to fill up our car. I brace myself as I watch the cost approach uncomfortably close to triple digits. Apparently, the cost of gas is only going to get worse with no clear relief in sight. Although we try to walk when we can, not leaving the house or taking public transit doesn’t always lend well when you have little ones in tow. A new fuel efficient, hybrid car isn’t in our budget yet so I am trying to find ways to save on gas.

Here are some tips that I have found on the Internet to help:

  • Keep you car tuned up (get regular oil and filter changes)
  • Don’t idle your car (it’s bad for the environment anyway!)
  • Don’t speed or accelerate abruptly
  • Don’t slam on your brakes
  • Use cruise control when appropriate
  • Keep you tires sufficiently inflated
  • Lighten your car, don’t carry heavy items that aren’t necessary
  • Limit the use of the air conditioner

You can also check-out BCAA and for more tips!



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Throwing In The Towel It’s In The Bag

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