Making Deposits

September 10, 2008 at 2:33 pm 1 comment

My mom always claimed that my siblings and I were potty trained before we could even walk. I used to just roll my eyes and say, “Yeah right Mom, I think your memory’s a bit hazy there! Kids can’t be potty trained until they’re near preschool age.” Well, little did I know that what my mom said was true but more importantly, that it was possible.

My sister introduced me to a concept called EC, as in Elimination Communication. Basically, it is about you being aware of potty signs communicated from your baby and then using them to help your baby “eliminate” in a potty rather than in their diaper.

To tell you the truth, when I first heard about it, I was very skeptical. When I was pregnant with my third, my sister lent me the book, “The Diaper Free Baby” (by Christine Gross-Loh). Though it made it sound doable and I told myself I would give it a try when the baby arrived, I didn’t. I was too bombarded with sleep-deprived nights, breastfeeding fiascoes, spit ups, blow outs, gassy tummies, and colic to have to time to even consider EC.

But by around the time my little one was about 7 months, when she was sturdy enough to sit up on her own and we were settling into a routine of sorts, I thought about it. I paid more attention to my baby and realized that she had a distinct facial expression and emitted a little grunt just before having to “go”. The first several attempts to rush her to the potty and whip off her diaper initially startled her so much that she balked whenever I placed her on the potty seat. However, surprisingly only after a week or so, as she got used to sitting on the potty, we had our first deposit in the toilet.

It has been a couple months now, and I can proudly boast that I catch about 80% of her poops. And I swear she does purposefully communicate to me that she needs to go: she gives me a grunt, looks at me, and gives me another grunt.

Though the pee part has not been as successful, I have been working on it. All in all, I am grateful for less messy bums to clean and less diapers used. I am hopeful that we are on our way to becoming a diaper free house in the near future.



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  • 1. Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home  |  October 28, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    It’s so nice to hear of someone else trying this! I read a book called Diaper Free (by Ingrid something or other) when pregnant with my second, and vowed to try it, but my husband was in cancer treatments, then we moved to a new house, etc, etc. I never did it.

    Now my son is 17 mths old, and is having a really tough time with cloth diapers. I think when he’s teething (which is pretty much every day since he was 5 mths old, poor kid!), his poo and pee become too acidic and he has extremely sensitive skin. He’s ending up with just awful rashes and very raw skin, so out of desperation (after trying everything I can think of) I’m temporarily doing disposables, and planning to try to “potty train” him, except I have a feeling that I will be the one being trained, not him.

    However, this is encouraging, because even if he doesn’t gain any independence in it for quite a while, at least it’s good to remember that he can learn to communicate with me and that will suffice for now. Thanks so much!


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