Home Sick for Homemade

November 5, 2008 at 10:41 pm Leave a comment

breadmachineI have been feeling sick to my stomach hearing about all the recent recalls regarding food. The spinach – E.Coli, deli meats – listeria, and the milk – melamine scandals have got me all confused about what food is safe for my family to eat. I no longer trust the bubble tea that I drink or the deli meat in my sandwiches. I look on every package to see the “Made in…” labels and even that isn’t necessarily a tell-tale sign of the “safeness” of the product that I am going to be ingesting.

I have resorted to analyzing everything that I put into my body and those of my family. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t banned every single processed food from my diet but I am definitely on a mission to rid those that I know I can definitely live without or at least those I can perhaps make at home. I just need to convince the hubby that instant noodles, although, tasty at times are not the best midnight snacks.

My biggest accomplishment so far is making fresh bread. I guess it’s not a huge feat if you have ever made it with a bread machine but I feel great when I can smell homemade bread coming from the kitchen. I am working on a Chinese Steamed Bun recipe because my girls love eating them, especially when they are fresh from the steamer. We are on recipe version number 3 and I will post the perfected recipe once we reach it. I am also vowing to eat out less since home cooked meals are always tastier and more comforting anyway.

On average, we eat out at least four times a week. We eat out not necessarily because we crave it but more so because it’s convenient and we are too lazy to cook. So my pledge for now is to eat out less than four times a week and make more homemade meals. I will keep you posted to see how long this lasts.



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