about us

We are a couple of Westcoast moms, who happen to be sisters, with a handful of young kids (5 total!).  We are always looking for ideas, ways, or products that will help keep our families healthier and safer.  We chit-chat with each other daily, swapping and passing on all our finds.  Plus, we love a good bargain and are constantly looking for ways to do things a little more cost effectively (you can blame that partially on our up-bringing and the rest of the blame falls on our husbands).
Thinking about our kids’ future and our future with them, we’ve been bitten by the green-bug.   We haven’t jumped onto the Greenpeace bandwagon and we’ll be the first to admit that we aren’t close to being eco-friendly, earth-mamas either, but we are making simple conscious efforts to try change the way we live, a little bit at a time. 

To our husbands’ credit (they are the ones who suggested that we do “something” with all the time we spend surfing, searching, discussing and purchasing), this place was created to share what we are learning and trying. 

This is our work in progress; we’re continually making discoveries to help adopt a tad greener lifestyle that’s affordable. 

 We hope you enjoy reading our posts and are able to use what you can to help your families grow healthier, safer, and happier.

Don’t be shy! We welcome any comments and suggestions. If you have great info or products to share, please let us know. 


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